The Peake Station


The Peake Station is situated 100 km north of William Creek along the Oodnadatta Track and has an area of 8130 square kilometres

The Peake began as the Mount Margaret Station in 1859. It was owned by Philip Levi, managed by Stephen Jarvis and surveyed by the well-known explorer John McDouall Stuart. The first homestead was built 50 km from the edge of Lake Eyre at Umbum in 1860. The “Great Drought” of 1864-1867 crippled Levi and in 1872 the new run was purchased by the Bagot family. The Bagots were involved in the construction of the overland telegraph and they moved the homestead to the Peake Telegraph Repeater Station, the site of an outstation of Mount Margaret since 1863. 

The Bagot family remained until 1902 when Sir S Kidman and E C Kempe purchased the lease. The homestead was moved again, to Woodduck in the early 1890s and following the death of E C Kempe, was managed by Archibald McLean from 1906. Drought on The Peake resulted in the purchase of Stuarts Creek Station in 1919 by Kidman to save the cattle from The Peake. Woodduck was then abandoned and the McLeans moved down to Stuarts Creek. Drought forced seven more subsequent moves until 1935 when Anna Creek was purchased. It became the headquarters for this vast lease. In 1970 The Peake homestead was resited for the twelfth time to its present site on the Blyth Creek.

Williams Cattle Company purchased The Peake Station, along with Anna Creek in December 2016. The Peake has a total area of 8130 square kilometres.


The Peake Station’s Details

The Peake Station is situated 100 km north of William Creek along the Oodnadatta Track. The Peake has a large area of Gibber tableland with some sand hill country. The Neales River traverses from west to east into Lake Eyre, offering exceptional flood out in season.

Manager: Tim Gooch
Location: The Peake Station is situated 100 km north of William Creek
Operations: Breeding and fattening in season
Usual employee numbers: Manager plus three station hands and a cook

Cattle numbers:  5,500
Area: 8130 square kilometres
Annual rainfall: 150 mm


Phone: (08) 86707996
Postal Address: The Peake Station, PMB 3, Coober Pedy, 5723


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